Sunday, January 3, 2010

John And Mark's Children's Record's Coloring Pages!

Here we have the JOHN AND MARK'S CHILDREN'S RECORD'S COLORING PAGES for you! It's a fun activity and coloring book just in time for your winter storm shut-in. Download this PDF HERE and go crazy! 16 pages of mildly disconcerting fun! Color inside and/or outside the lines.... circle those things indicated in the instructions... enjoy line drawings.... take them to the beach! Guaranteed fun for some!

Please email any completed pages you have worked on and want to share to and perhaps we will post your art on our website! Perhaps we will even send you a special prize in return for your willingness to share your talents and hard work!

UPDATE: The fine fine folks at TIMEOUT NY have mentioned this in their online blog! THANKS TIMEOUT for getting the word out! AND.... OUT WITH THE KIDS likes it! Zooglobble too! HEY!! Monkeytail & Wellington voiced their approval as well! And the blog/radio show AGES 3 AND UP also likes it! Yea!